Crossing Seas – World Beat Music

Crossing Seas play cross-cultural collaborations of electronica & jazz with Indian, Arabic & diverse musics.
Featuring the beats & productions of Des Reid.

new release
feat Sangeet Mishra

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FLEETING (epic mix)
feat Sangeet Mishra

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Crossing Seas stars sarangi virtuoso Sangeet Mishra.
Sangeet is a top classical & Bollywood session player in Mumbai.
The sarangi is an ancient Indian stringed instrument with 3 main & over 30 resonant strings.
It sounds more like the human voice than any other instrument.
Sangeet’s family have been playing sarangi for 500 years, passing down the knowledge through generations.
Hear him fly over Fleeting.

Sangeet & other global fusion musicians are working with the beats, compositions & productions of Des Reid.
We are discovering new blends by exploring the similarities & differences in harmony, melody & rhythm from our diverse cultures.